G6r Low pressure Poppet Valve

New! G6r Low Pressure Poppet Valve. This LP Poppet has been released for the Gen6 Timmy!... The Bob Long shop has tested this new valve and found that with it installed in the g6R the pressures are again able to be maintained at a lower and very stable setting. After installing this new valve in the Gen6 Timmy we have found a notible quieter and softer shot from the already near perfect Marker!...  Although the gas consumption is a bit higher, we found in our tests that we still got over 1800 shots off a 70-4500 with a std reg from Ninja! Imagine pairing this new Valve with the Ninja SLP Reg and you will have one of the stealthiest guns afield!... Order today!...

G6r Low pressure Poppet Valve
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Price $36.95